2 nights standard. 3-7 nights during select holidays.

Over 30 days in advance* - 100% Refund

14-30 days in advance - 80% Refund**.

7 - 13 days in advance - 50% Refund

Less than 7 days in advance - NO REFUND

Free cancellation for 48 hours after booking, if canceled more than 14 days before departure.

*Days in advance = start date of rental.

**Fees & Refunds are determined off the base rate (daily rental fee + tax if applicable) If a renter needs to cancel a booking prior to rental, regardless of where they fall within the cancellation policy, all add-ons, cleaning fees, security deposit, insurance, delivery, set up, and roadside fees, as well as the tax applied on those items, if applicable, will be refunded.

20% deposit required for bookings made over 14 days in advance.

Full Payment required for bookings made within 14 days of departure.

$750 refundable* security deposit will be charged three (3) business days prior to rental.

(* see terms and conditions for more information)

Besides offering you a worry free experience from all the stress that towing a trailer can bring, this allows us to protect our investment from excessive wear & tear.

The sooner we know, the sooner we can fix it. Please let us know if a part is broken, so we can start the process of ordering a replacement. For minor repairs, we'll wait until the unit is returned to not disrupt you on your vacation. For bigger issues, we'll get someone out to you at first chance. Please take all precautions if you have a water leak, including shutting off the water to the trailer and making sure the water pump switch is off.

 If a safety hazard occurs, please exit the trailer and contact 911 if needed. Next calls should be to the Campground office, so they can direct the emergency personnel to you, and then call us ASAP. 

Depending on several factors which may include, but not limited to; local zoning laws, HOA requirements, insurance, stability of ground (including knowledge of underground utilities, septic tanks, etc..), wetland areas, accessibility to desired location (trees, branches, other permanent fixtures in the way), access to power, etc. The trailer must be on private property, and cannot be set up on public roads.

Preservation of life comes before all. Since the trailers are relatively light weight, are not anchored down, and are basically a big sail; our company policy is to end a rental contract early or cancel an upcoming rental if needed. Unused days will be refunded.
Living in a hurricane area we’re bound to see some bad storm damage from time to time. Downed power lines can wreak havoc after a storm and the power can be off for days or even weeks in some areas, usually when it’s the most hot and humid. Freedom Vacation & Rentals may cancel your upcoming rental if our trailers are needed to assist local, state, or federal agencies, or local residents in need.