Maven roofing

Maven is a veteran owned & operated roofing company in Eastern North Carolina. We have been roofing in Jacksonville, Wilmington, and surrounding areas. Over the years we have grown into being the best roofing contractor in NC, providing residential roofing, commercial roofing, roof repair, roof cleaning, roof tune-up and a variety of specialized roofing services. We pride ourselves with unparalleled quality and the best customer service experience by staying true to our Mission: to make Mavens & positively impact the communities we have an opportunity to serve.

Wise Wash

Wise Wash Power Cleaning began out of a love for exterior restoration… making the old and worn look new and healthy again. It all started about ten years ago when I bought my first pressure washer. I learned that not all things have to be cleaned at 3500 psi. In fact, most exterior washes can be restored with a good chemical cleaning understanding and without much pressure at all. That’s why I’ve named it Wise Wash; because we are Washing Smarter. I’ve power washed everything from simple vehicles to monstrous multi-million dollar homes, to high end businesses at Mayfaire Town Center. Power cleaning has become a passion I’ve really come to enjoy!